NEW MidMod Extended Grand Tour


The award winning (TripAdvisor) MidMod Design Tour covers Palm Springs’ mid-century architecture in great detail. Rapidly expanding growth in the Coachella Valley during the MidMod era lead Desert Hot Springs and Rancho Mirage to similar prosperity. The Extended Grand Tour provides a fun opportunity for the MidMod aficionado to see and learn more about adjacent mid-century modern architecture outside the City of Palm Springs. So if you have already done the MidMod Design Tour, or the Modernism double-decker tour, add this new tour to your itinerary.

Follow the MidMod Design Tour, or do this one all by itself, with visits to the Coachella Valley windfarms, the Lautner Hotel, and outstanding mid-century architecture in Rancho Mirage. This will include a brief box lunch with your guide, Lyle Boatman. This extension is a limited offer, only on Thursdays-Saturdays, with box lunch beginning after the earlier MidMod Design Tour, at approximately 2:00 PM. The Grand Tour Extension is for approximately 2 hours; including box lunch provided by On the Mark.

With several years as a tour guide for the Palm Springs Windmill Tour company, your MidMod guide has a deft knowledge of the history of the Coachella Valley windfarms. Following lunch, the Grand Tour Extension begins with a visit to the windfarms with great photo-ops. Learn why the Coachella Valley windfarms are located in “the windiest place in the continental USA.” You will also learn where the power goes, and what happens when the wind stops; as well as the evolution and history of the windfarms. Note: For a more in-depth 2-hour tour of the windfarms, visit

Although difficult to see from the street, the Lautner Hotel is a Desert Hot Springs gem; fairly convenient and nearby the windfarms. The Extended Grand Tour uses the same digital tablet format as the MidMod Design Tour, and explores Desert Hot Springs and Rancho Mirage architecture, returning to the starting point at the Palm Springs offices of MidMod Design Tour.